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How to Sell an Inherited House

Ever wonder who the people are who say they are “cash home buyers”? In a nutshell, we are local, Milwaukee residents who pay cash for homes quickly, so you can avoid the painful and time consuming processes normally associated with selling a house.

Finding the right home buyers is a fairly simple process, and here are three questions to ask them (and the right answers below) to see if they are the best fit for you:


Q: Can you buy the property outright with cash?

A: The ONLY answer here should be “yes”! The mortgage process takes far too long and there’s no guarantee your buyer will be approved by the bank. Cash buyers get it done fast.


Q: Do you require an inspection?

A: Your home buyers should NOT require a home inspection prior to purchasing. If they ask for one, that is a sign that they are inexperienced and often unfamiliar with the process. Stick with cash buyers who will only want to walk through the property themselves, without an inspector.


Q: How quickly can you close?

A: If they can’t close within 14 days, chances are your home buyers do not have the money in the bank to get the deal done.

Whether you call us or someone else, make sure these three questions are at the top of your list when discussing the cash sale of your home!


I thought the selling of my house was going to be a stressful situation. However, Nick proved me wrong. From the beginning of our first conversation, you explained who you were and how you conducted business. With your open line of communication, starting with the initial purchase agreement, to the final closing, he was true to his word. I would recommend Nick to anyone thinking of selling their home. —Thomas H.