sell your houseSell Your House in MilwaukeeOpen House Hosting Tips for Sellers Top 7 Mistakes That Can Ruin an Open House


An open house is a crucial part of the home selling process. You open your doors and welcome prospective buyers to check your home in person. When done right, it can help you win an incredible buyer offer and close the deal successfully.

But you want to make sure you do an excellent job with your open house because the real estate market can be competitive. Check out the top mistakes to avoid while hosting an open house in Milwaukee.

Mistake #1: Hovering

Nothing scares off prospective buyers like an overeager seller hovering in the background. As a seller, your job is to welcome interested buyers and get out of the way. Let them explore your home at their own pace, and if they have any questions, they can approach you. Otherwise, keep out of the way.

Mistake #2: Unprofessional or Incomplete Staging

If you’re going to stage your home, ensure that you stage the whole place or at least the first floor entirely. Nothing is more jarring than seeing two well-decorated rooms and the rest of the area is empty or messy. If you don’t have the time or expertise to stage your home on your own, you can always hire professional stagers to do the job for you.

Mistake #3: Bad Music

You don’t have to play music in the background to sell your house. But the wrong choice of music can be distracting. It may even cause the buyer to suspect that you’re playing the music to distract them from road noise or other neighborhood noises. If you want to play music, opt for soothing jazz or other mild music set at a low level.

Mistake #4: Foul Smells

Avoid heavy air fresheners as the smell can be off-putting. Like music, it’s a distraction, and it might even raise questions about what you are trying to hide. The same goes for cleaners. The night before an open house is not the time to scrub your home with bleach, vinegar, and other strong-smelling cleaners.

If you would like to add a refreshing smell, you can burn a few mild-scented candles in the background. Keep in mind that the scent should be slightly noticeable and not overpowering.

Mistake #5: Leaving Credit Cards, Jewelry, Cash, and Other Valuables Around

Open houses see plenty of people, from serious buyers to curious gawkers and petty thieves. It’s a good idea to lock your valuables in a safe. Anything valuable or memorable should be kept safely out of sight.

Mistake #6: Freely Roaming Pets

Letting your four-legged friends hang around the house during the open day is a huge mistake. Your pets could get scared or anxious seeing so many strangers in the home and even attack them. You could also have prospective buyers who have issues with pet allergies. So, it’s a good idea to take your pets to a friend’s house or daycare for the day. Also, remove all traces of your pets, including food trays, litter boxes, and toys. Prospective buyers may be turned off by the sight of a pet living in the home.

Mistake #7: Wrong Temperature

Entering a sweltering home on a hot day or a frigid home on a snowy day is a massive turn-off for prospective buyers. Keep your house moderately warm but not too hot during a winter open house. If you show your property in the summer, make sure it is cool. Guests should feel comfortable as soon as they enter your home.

Don’t Let an Open House Overwhelm You

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