sell your houseSell Your House in MilwaukeeProblems while selling fire damaged house


A house fire is traumatizing, irrespective of the scale of damage. It’s no wonder homeowners choose to sell their houses and move on rather than staying and revisiting the trauma. But selling a fire-damaged home is not easy. Here are a few problems you’re likely to face:

1. Potential Buyers Are Likely to Be Wary of Hidden Damages

Even if the house is covered under insurance, there will always be the lingering fear of potential problems. For example, long after the fire has been put out and everything has been cleaned, the smell of smoke may remain. Repairing structural damage can also cost a lot of time and money. Fires also produce a lot of ash which could lead to corrosion and permanent discoloration, even on objects that weren’t directly affected by the flames. Over time, heat may melt building materials, and fire may damage window seals, affecting the insulation. Vinyl windows and doors may also not open or shut because they melted or warped from the fire.

2. Insurance Costs Are Likely to Be High

If the house was damaged by fire once, insurance actuaries might assume repeat fire damage. This assumption may not be fair, but the new homeowners will pay a higher premium on properties damaged by fire.

3. It Can Be Difficult to Budget Projections

Significant fire damage can make it difficult for prospective homeowners to estimate a budget for repairs. It is not easy to factor in unknown variables, especially if you’ve covered the fire damage with quick fixes like drywall and carpeting. Lenders are wary of fire-damaged homes even if a professional inspection is conducted to ascertain their safety.

The Solution

As cash home buyers in Milwaukee, we buy homes irrespective of their condition. Rather than selling the house in the traditional market, we suggest selling the house to us. We’ll buy the house as-is for cash. There’s no need for cleanup. You can take what you want out of the house and leave the rest to us. Do you need to sell your home in Milwaukee fast? Call us!