Real EstateShould You Sell Your Home As-Is or Fix It

Should You Sell Your Home

Your home is too small for a growing family, and you are all set to move to a bigger, better home. The problem is, the house needs a little fixing up, and you aren’t too sure about spending money on repairs. Should you sell the house without repairs? Or, does it make sense to renovate and then sell? How do you know what repairs are worth the money? Here’s our take on the issue:

When does fixing make sense?

To know if repairs make sense, you have first to know how much your home is worth. Many realtors offer a free home evaluation. Seek help to decide on the return on your investments. But real estate is relatively local – just because homes around you sell for a particular price, it doesn’t mean you could expect the same for your property. What works for your neighbor might not work for you. If the house is relatively new and needs only a cosmetic update, go ahead. Minor improvements like repainting, improving curb appeal, replacing kitchen countertops, etc. makes sense.

When should you sell the house as is?

Sometimes, homeowners are forced to sell to avoid a foreclosure or other embarrassments. It makes no sense to spend money on repairs when you’re already cash-strapped. Similarly, if the house needs major repairs, like a new roof or fixing foundation issues, it is better to sell the home as is. And if you are in a hurry to sell, don’t waste time and money on repairs. If you are planning a cash-only sale, selling as is makes sense. At Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer, we have been helping people sell houses fast in Milwaukee. We buy houses in Wisconsin for cash and promise a quick stress-free sale.