Real EstateHere’s How to Sell Without Fixing

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Selling a house that needs work isn’t an easy undertaking. From spackling hairline cracks on the walls and fixing an old roof, to applying a fresh coat of paint to hide ugly blemishes, repairs are a de rigueur before selling. But what if minor repairs become major? Do you have to spend money on a house that’s showing obvious signs of aging?

And most importantly, can you sell without fixing these issues? It’s not easy to sell a house without repairs, but it’s not impossible either. Here are a few tips to help you sail through the storm:

1. Consider Selling as Is:

There’s a pretty huge market for homeowners preferring to sell as is. Companies like ours specialize in flipping homes, i.e., we buy homes in need of repair, make repairs, and later sell them for profit. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The owner gets to save money on repairs, while we get an investment opportunity. Fast home buyers also promise a stress-free sale, i.e., we can buy your property in less than a week and even pay for the closing.

2. Consider Working with a Real Estate Agent Specializing in Distress Sale:

There are real estate agents who specialize in selling homes that need repairs, as well as properties that are generally not easy to sell in a conventional market. You can hire them to find potential buyers who are willing to pay homes that need fixing up. The downside, however, is that their services don’t come cheap. Besides, you may have to arrange for after-sale cleaning, repairs, etc. as well.

3. Look for Specific Repairs That Pay Off:

The problem with choosing individual homeowners is that they often tend to forget that the listing price reflects the actual condition of the house. To avoid this, some homeowners consider making repairs that are important and likely to pay off. Investing in a new HVAC system, a new roof, electric works, etc. are repairs worth considering.

But if you’re looking for a completely stress-free sale, consider us!