Real EstateSelling An Inherited Property? We Can Help!

1Inheritance properties can come with a lot of baggage. For one, you might have to deal with several parties laying claim to the property. Then, there’s the problem of repairs and maintenance. If a loved one has left you with their property, it might be in your interest to sell.

Some of the challenges of inheriting a property include:

If the property was purchased through financing, the monthly mortgage will still have to be paid, otherwise the house could be foreclosed. If the original owner owed taxes or had debt, the property could be liquidated. Often these kinds of properties have to go through probate before being claimed for inheritance. Additionally, if the new owner has no resources or time to manage the inheritance, there’s a risk that it could fall into disrepair until it becomes absolutely impossible to sell. And it is very common that inherited properties require major repairs.

We can help:

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