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How to Sell an Inherited House

If you want to sell an inherited house, the road can be difficult on many levels, but it doesn’t have to be. First and foremost, it’s an emotional process. Going through their belongings, thinking back on the memories, preparing for the next steps, and working through your daily life at the same time is no easy task. But there are a few things you can to do better prepare yourself and to make the process go smoothly.


  1. Verify your ownership, and learn about the house’s status.

With the help of your estate attorney, make sure the property is yours free and clear or make yourself aware of any taxes or liens against the property you need to address. People have contacted me to sell their inherited house without knowing that there were back taxes owed, which cut down on the number they were expecting to get back in their pockets.


  1. Decide your action plan.

There’s a very real possibility that grandma’s kitchen needs a complete overhaul, or that there is a leak in the basement, or any number of other issues that need to be addressed. From here, you have a couple choices. You can pay to have the work done to completely update the house and then put it on the market – and if you have the months and money to spare this can get you top dollar… or you can get in touch with a local cash buyer like us. The benefits of selling cash is that you can settle very quickly, you don’t have to deal with any inspectors or drawn out processes, and if you don’t want do you won’t even have to deal with cleaning the house out.

Deciding which route to take here will help you set expectations on what price range you should be willing to accept.


  1. Prepare for an emotional process.

The process involved to sell an inherited home is likely going to be very emotional. Finding professionals who are empathetic to your situation and truly understand the process is key. Understanding that emotions may run high at times will prepare you to make more rational decisions as you navigate the waters.  By the way, we specialize in buying homes that are inherited, so we completely understand the emotional attachments.  What’s nice is that we usually end of selling the home (after it’s remodeled and fixed up) to another young family who will start their own legacy in the home 🙂


I thought the selling of my house was going to be a stressful situation. However, Nick proved me wrong. From the beginning of our first conversation, you explained who you were and how you conducted business. With your open line of communication, starting with the initial purchase agreement, to the final closing, he was true to his word. I would recommend Nick to anyone thinking of selling their home. —Thomas H.