Real EstateHouse for Sale When You Have Children

Manage Home Staging When Kids Are Around

Selling a home when you have kids around can be problematic. While a realtor can help to bring in potential buyers and give you tips on staging, he can only do so much. It is your job to ensure that the home appeals to potential buyers, allowing them to envision themselves in it and make a bid.

Keep the kids out of the house during and before staging

Once you have decided to sell the house, try to keep it presentable at all times, which means keeping personal items like toys and clothes out of sight. Your realtor will give prior notice before potential buyers arrive. Have someone watch your kids or try to keep them entertained in a particular room of the house.

Make it impersonal

People like to visualize themselves living in the house; remove kid-themed stuff like wallpaper, murals, and other items. Make the house as impersonal as possible by repainting it to a neutral color. Keep decorations to a minimum and open all windows to let in as much light and air as possible.

Emergency storage area

When there are kids in the house, it is natural that toys, books, and other paraphernalia will be strewn around along with crumbs. Designate an emergency storage area that can quickly take in a couple of laundry bags when potential buyers are going to arrive within a few minutes. You can quickly load all unnecessary things and stuff it into the storage area before giving your house a quick cleanup.

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