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If you own a rental apartment, you may eventually have to deal with difficult tenants. Some tenants are consistently late in paying their rent late, calling you every month with excuses. Some troublemakers end up damaging your property. No matter how fair you are, some disgruntled tenants are never happy. Rather than risking a lawsuit, here are a few simple ways to handle bad tenants.

Structure Payment Options

If your tenant cannot pay rent, understand their situation and the nature of the issue. You can offer payment options or accept partial payments. You can also negotiate weekly partial payments to help with the tenant’s cash flow. Set up a strict payment plan and ensure that your tenant remains in compliance with the new payment option.

Change the Living Arrangement

If your tenant can’t afford the rent, you can move them to a small, low-cost unit or set them up with roommates. You can also ask the tenant to leave voluntarily. If they are unable to pay, explain the long-term impact of eviction on their rental history. Help them understand that going on their own is much better than facing bad debt and legal issues.

Document the State of Your Rental Apartment

If your tenant causes any intentional damage to your property, it is essential to document the state of your home. Take pictures of your house before it is rented and after the tenants move out. This documentation is vital evidence to prove your case in court. If you are informed of any illegal use of the apartment, take action by seeking the help of an experienced attorney and report it to the relevant authorities.

Seek Professional Help

Getting rid of troublesome tenants starts with speaking to the right people. Contact us to sell your rental home easily and quickly. With us, you don’t have to evict your tenant. We’ll manage everything for you.

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