sell your houseSell Your House in Milwaukee5 Things to Know When Selling a Home with a Pool

selling home with pool

Selling a home with a pool can be tricky. Buyers want a move-in-ready home and might not like the idea of maintaining a pool. But some buyers love pools and may see them as a great feature in a home. It becomes important to market the house to cater to both audiences if you want to sell a house fast in Milwaukee. These five tips will help.

1. Keep the Pool Clean and Well-Maintained

Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, ensure it is clean and well-maintained. A pool that is in good condition will be more appealing to buyers. Keep the cleaning records handy to show the buyers that it is easy to maintain the pool. Seeing the numbers will give them a fair idea of what having a swimming pool entails.

2. Highlight the Positives of Having a Pool

You can divert the focus away from the maintenance by sharing your experiences having a pool and how your friends and family have had some great times around it. You can show them where you usually set up your grill or set the tables for family dinners. Letting the buyers envision their life around the pool will excite them more about your property.

3. Spruce Up the Pool Deck

You can also spruce up the pool deck by adding a few chairs and tables. Staging it will make the deck more usable and comfortable for the buyers. You can find everything from chaise lounges to umbrellas to create a beautiful and functional space.

4. Install Safety Features to Reassure Buyers of Pool Safety

Installing safety features is a great way to reassure buyers that the pool is safe for their families. There are a variety of safety features that you can install, such as fence alarms and pool covers. You can also explain to buyers how their home insurance will cover the pool structure and equipment.

5. Arrange Showings When the Pool Will Be Most Attractive

Spring or summer is the right season to sell a house with a pool. Buyers will love being around a cool pool when it’s hot outside. Make sure the swimming pool is clean and ready for showings. Many Milwaukee residents love swimming in the summer, so take advantage of this aspect to market the pool to potential buyers.

A pool can be a great marketing tool if you know how to use it right. By following the tips above, you can show buyers the benefits of owning a pool and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

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