Real Estate5 Reasons Why You Can’t Sell Your House


Has your house been lying on the market for months? There could be a hundred reasons for the delay, but the most include:

1. Price

Your house may be in perfect condition, but if the price is too high, it won’t sell. Before fixing the price, look at your house from a buyer’s perspective. Check the local price listings for your competition and price your home accordingly. Analyze- does your price sound like a good deal when compared to others on the market? If not, you may need to lower your price to bring in offers.

2. Choosing the wrong agent

If the house isn’t selling despite your best efforts, it is probably because the you have chosen the wrong agent.If your agent is not delivering the results you’re hoping for, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know about your concerns. We buy houses in Milwaukee and surrounding areas for cash and close the deal in 2 weeks or less. No fees! No commissions!

3. Untidy look

Be true to yourself – is your house clean? Are the appliances clean? Is the bathroom spotless? Even in the corners? How about the kitchen? Is there laundry visible anywhere?

Remember, when you want to sell your house, you have to work to keep things clean. Your house may be impressive, but if it is messy, a prospective buyer can’t see the awesomeness; instead they will see the dirty toilet and skeeve out. So, clean your home and put clothes, books, and magazines out of sight.

4. You hang around for home inspections

Don’t follow the potential buyer when your house is open for inspection. It makes the buyer nervous, and they can’t speak to their family about what they like or dislike about the place. Remember, they really want to talk freely to the agent and not feel your prying eyes. So stay away during inspections and let your agent do their job.

This will put less pressure on buyers and enable them to feel free to convey their opinion which can help you identify where you need to work.

Any of these mistakes can delay a sale. Call us at 414-435-2888. We buy houses in Milwaukee in as in condition – you don’t need to spend your hard-earned money on repairs and renovations. We’ll offer you a fair purchase price and settle your payment in less than 2 weeks. Ping us on live chat to learn more.

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