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When it’s time to sell your home, contacting a real estate agent is the most obvious choice. Around 90% of homes across the country are sold using a real estate agent. However, there are a few things you need to know, but no one told you about working with a real estate agent.

1. Commission Is Negotiable

Being able to negotiate the commission is something that no realtor will tell you openly. You can always negotiate for a lower fee, especially if the house features strong selling points. Homes that sell for $800,000 require the same effort needed for a $5 million property. Yet commission for each of these properties is very different. This can work in your favor as you try to negotiate the fee to a lower percent. Another vital point to make is that you will be using their services not only to sell the current house but also to buy the next one. But make sure you negotiate things clearly with the realtor before signing the contract.

2. You Aren’t Just Paying for the Open House

Homeowners spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning, staging, videography, photography, and other expenses. How many times have you gone with the realtor’s suggestions when hiring each of these professionals? You would hope they offered a discount or come with great reviews. However, the realtor has often made a deal with these service providers, having a small portion of the fee shared with the agent as commission.

3. Reading the Fine Print Is Important

It is recommended that you get a lawyer to read the contract to look for disclaimers. Some disclaimers could exempt the realtor from any verbal statements he or she may make during the sale. This is especially tricky because there’s little else on which you can rely. Sometimes, the contract could tie you exclusively to the realtor, and you may have to pay a commission even if you found a buyer yourself or through another agent.

4. Most Homes Sell Themselves

You’d think the realtor is using special tools to sell your house. However, there’s little that they do. Despite the money you spend and the so-called tricks that the realtor claims to use, buyers tend to buy homes they like and can afford. If the price is right, you can sell the house even without an agent.

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