Real Estate3 Things You Should Do After Your House Floods


Water damage to your house can be a serious issue. Depending on the extent of flooding, it can have devastating consequences. You can minimize the amount of damage, though. Here are three things you should do if you’re house is flooded:

• Immediately after the flooding:

Safety is a key concern in the hours immediately after the flooding. If the damage is serious, you may have to leave the property until it is safe to return. Turn off the power supply – wear protective gear while you do this. Get rid of food or water that may have been in contact with flood water. Stop the source of the flood and remove the water immediately. When it’s safe to switch on the electrical supply, use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air and reduce potential damage. Call your insurance company immediately. Make sure you have proof of the damage – this includes photo evidence.

• Hire an inspector:

Hire an inspector to assess the damage and help you identify potential sources of molding. Get a specialist in mold inspection to identify if the mold is toxic. Repair areas affected by water damage.

• Sell the house:

If the cost of repairs is more than you can afford, it’s best to sell it. This is however not as simple as it looks. For one, you cannot sell the house without informing the seller about the water damage. You can be held liable for the expenses that follow, and also pay compensation for the stress caused to the buyer. Buyers are undoubtedly wary of buying properties with known mold damage. The best solution is to sell the property in AS-IS condition. Call us if you’re trying to get rid of a water damaged house. We buy houses in Milwaukee in AS IS condition and for cash. We’ll buy the house and even close in 2 weeks or less.