Real EstateLiquidation of Assets

Liquidation of Assets

Many people facing financial problems may feel liquidating their assets can help their situation. While some need to pay creditors, others need to re-allocate their funds to take charge of an upcoming expense. Liquidating assets doesn’t have to be a stressful process, but it is important to understand what the process entails.

What is Liquidation:

Any owned item that has value is termed as an “asset.” If your debts are deemed to be more substantial than your declared assets or are higher than you can repay, you might need to liquidate, or sell, your assets. Upon liquidation, the assets get converted into cash or sold to cover your debts.

Categories of Liquidation:

Liquidation can be broken down into two types: Personal and Real Estate. Money is considered the most liquid asset as it can be used to buy practically anything, whereas commodities like land, houses, precious metals, bonds, or stocks are considered to hold liquidity that is relative.

Common Reasons for Liquidation:

There are a number of reasons that may lead to a property getting liquidated or sold off. The most frequent cause of property liquidation is bankruptcy. A bankruptcy trustee can order the settlement to pay off creditors. Others may decide to liquidate a vacation home to generate funds that would pay for something like their child’s college education. Once a property gets liquidated in bankruptcy, the owner receives the remaining funds after creditors are repaid.

Making Property Liquid:

There are many ways to make a property more liquid. One way is to lease your property to others and give them an option to buy it later on. A non-mortgaged home can get liquidated relatively quickly by offering to carry the new mortgage loan for a buyer, or by converting your non-mortgaged home to cash is to markdown it to a price to attract buyers.

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