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Even though everyone’s aging process is different, many senior citizens from Milwaukee and other parts of the state must choose between staying in their homes and moving to a setting like an assisted living complex. This choice is based on which best supports their well-being and promotes healthy aging. Aging in place refers to an older adult’s decision to stay in their current residence or neighborhood.

What Does Aging in Place Mean?

Aging in place is the ability of older persons to live safely, freely, and happily in their homes or communities, regardless of their age, income, or abilities. It calls for changing the home environment and requires access to support services and resources to maintain a high quality of life.

This method of aging in place is gaining popularity as more people choose to keep their independence, stay in the house of their choosing, maintain their familiar surroundings, and avoid the institutionalization frequently associated with aging.

Essential Considerations for Aging in Place

Look at the Bathrooms

Falls often happen in bathrooms because of the constant dampness and slick surfaces. Start with this area as you evaluate the safety of your current home to make it more suitable for aging in place. Install hold bars beside the toilet and shower to improve stability and balance.

Have Proper Lighting

Poor lighting is another significant cause of falls and other mishaps at home. Navigation through the house and food preparation in the kitchen are challenging in poor lighting. A valuable element to invest in is adequate illumination if you plan to age in place in your current house.

Fix Navigational Issues

Narrow staircases, entrances, and corridors in the house are added navigational challenges. Since many older homes were built with smaller, more constrained rooms, using a wheelchair, walker, or cane can be problematic. Many newer homes have broader stairways and doorways. Also, consider steps leading up to a door, porch, or garage.

A Better Solution

Whether you decide to stay or move, renovations can improve your at-home independence while simplifying life for residents of all ages. But if you think your current house is not fit for you as you age, consider selling it to trusted cash home buyers in Milwaukee, like Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer. With our knowledge and comprehension of the requirements of seniors, we buy houses in Milwaukee for cash and offer a smooth and practical home-selling experience. By deciding to work with us, seniors can access the money they need to support their aging-in-place objectives, ensuring a smooth transition to the type of housing they want.