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How to Sell an Inherited House

Are you a landlord in a difficult situation?

Have you said to yourself “I’m done! I need to sell my rental property!”

If so, to make the process as quick and painless as possible, consider selling to another landlord who can be a cash buyer instead of the long, drawn out process with a realtor and the MLS.

Maybe you have terrible tenants, maybe the property is costing you money due to constant maintenance, maybe you’re moving out of town and simply can’t be as attentive as needed from 1,000 miles away. In any case, finding a cash home buyer in Milwaukee fast is the best way to get a check in your pocket and dump the property’s issues into someone else’s hands.

Back in 08 during some tough times I needed to sell my rental property and instead of doing what I did the first time, which was going through a realtor, I decided to sell to a fellow landlord and rehabber who was a cash buyer. The process only took a few days and I had a check in my hand! I’m now in a position to do the same for you, so give me a call if you need out of your rental property!

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I thought the selling of my house was going to be a stressful situation. However, Nick proved me wrong. From the beginning of our first conversation, you explained who you were and how you conducted business. With your open line of communication, starting with the initial purchase agreement, to the final closing, he was true to his word. I would recommend Nick to anyone thinking of selling their home. —Thomas H.