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Selling A Hoarder’s House

The distribution of inheritance after the death of a loved one and the administration of the estate can be emotionally daunting for family members. But if that relative was a hoarder, the amount of junk and the condition of their house can cause enormous stress and anxiety to the new owner.

The following tips will help in cleaning the home of a deceased hoarder to make it worth living in or selling.

Overcome the Shock

A hoarder’s home looks cluttered beyond belief, and the new homeowner may get shocked and wonder how the deceased relative lived like that. Many hoarders suffer from depression and ultimately give up cleaning their property. New owners may feel overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of work needed to clear the space out. The best alternative is to take it in the stride and first create a plan to declutter the house from a collection of unwanted property.

Creating a Plan

Depending on the amount of cleaning required in the inherited hoarder’s home, one needs to rent a dumpster or two. Supplies like disposal bags, boxes of facemasks, rubber gloves and cans of disinfectant spray need to get ordered and kept handy to use during the cleaning process.

Start the Cleaning Process

Once the plan and supplies are in place, begin cleaning of the property from the front entrance to the far reaches of the house. Old photos and important documents like deeds and banking information need to get sorted carefully for future use. The rest of the clutter can get removed from one bag at a time to the dumpster. Sometimes, the time to clean out a hoarder’s home gets long and tedious. The option is to hire professional hoarder cleanup crews to help clear the significant part of the property.

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