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Are you looking to sell a house fast in Milwaukee? Do you want to skip the hassles of hiring a real estate agent?

You have multiple options when you want to sell your house. This post compares two common ways to sell a home without a realtor: an auction or through cash home buyers in Milwaukee. Let’s compare these two methods to help you choose the right one for your situation.

Ease of Operations

Selling your home for cash is often the easiest way to complete the sale. You can connect with a cash home buyer and say, “I need to sell my house fast. Can you give me a free quote?” The cash buyer will quickly inspect your home and provide a fair price. If the offer is reasonable, you can accept the offer, and the cash buyer manages the rest.

It’s that easy. You don’t have to pay agent fees, commissions, or closing costs. The buyer handles all the paperwork using a trusted local title closing company. You sign the sale agreement on the closing day and walk away with cash in your pocket.

Real estate auctions are slightly more complicated and time-consuming compared to cash sales. You must find the right auction house and list your property with them. While it’s possible to sell your home as-is in an auction, you have to clean up your home. Technically, any items left in the house are also sold during the auction. So, if you want to hold on to your possessions, they must be removed before the auction.

A cash home buyer is the better choice when looking at the ease of the sale.

Speed of the Sale

The auction house will advertise the sale anywhere from six to eight weeks, and you need to factor in an additional 30 days to complete the deal. While selling your home through an auction is faster than a traditional sale with a real estate agent, it still takes around two months to complete the deal.

Cash sales happen quickly. You can close the deal in as little as seven to ten days, depending on your situation. A cash sale is your best bet to sell a house fast in Milwaukee.

Excitement and Competing Offers

Auctions are popular because of the buzz and excitement they create. The idea behind an auction is to engage the audience in a bidding frenzy to drive the price. So, if your home is appealing, you’ll likely receive multiple offers, increasing the final selling price. The downside is that if your home is rundown and requires many repairs, it might not appeal to buyers. As a result, it can remain without any offers in an auction.

Cash buying does not induce any competition. Cash buyers do not engage in any negotiations. They want to buy your home at a fair price and close quickly. So, auctions are the way to go if you want to drive up the price.

While selling your home through cash might not be exciting, it’s an excellent way to sell it quickly and without any hassles. If you want to sell your Milwaukee home quickly, call us at 414-435-2888 or fill out this online form to get started! We buy houses in Milwaukee in any condition and situation and give you a fair price!