Real EstateTips-to-Declutter-a-Home-Before-a-Sale

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Decluttering is a step in the right direction if you’re preparing your house for a sale. It is the first step before cleaning or staging the home. A clutter-free home will not only sell quickly but often for a better price as well.

Getting rid of clutter may seem daunting, especially if you have lived in the house for a long time. Here are some tips to make sure your home feels spacious and makes an excellent first impression.

1. Remove Excess Furniture

Decluttering to sell a house is different from decluttering to make everyday life easier. When you’re preparing a home for sale, the idea is to help prospective buyers explore new possibilities in each space. One step is to take out extra furniture instantly to make a room appear spacious. But don’t leave the room bare. Buyers want an idea of what their belongings might look like in your home.

2. Throw Away Things You Don’t Need

Moving is a great time to clear out stuff you don’t need or want. Start with the closet to get rid of clothes you aren’t going to wear or that no longer fit. Then, move on to bookshelves, decorative items, cutlery, kitchen gadgets, electrical appliances, and more. It can help to clear out one room at a time before moving onto the next one.

3. Clear Out Storage Spaces

Storage space is something you want to highlight in your home. Clear out closets and other spaces as much as you can, leaving only the essentials. Minimizing the items in your storage spaces creates an impression that the house is organized and has ample storage space.

4. Reduce Visual Clutter

Besides clearing actual clutter, you want to get rid of visual clutter. Visual clutter could be anything from contrasting color palettes, textures, and patterns to furniture that is uneven in size and scale. There is also less obvious clutter that could make a place look messy. For example, wires sticking out from the entertainment center, papers pinned to the refrigerator, dead leaves under a plant, and cracked tiles aren’t things we consciously notice. However, they could leave an impression that the house is poorly maintained.

5. Stop Acquiring Things

Now is not the time to buy new things. It can wait until you’ve moved to your new house. It can be challenging to resist shopping when there’s a sale on your favorite items. However, you don’t want to ruin your hard work by refilling the spaces you’ve emptied. Plus, everything you buy will need to be packed, moved, and unpacked.

Do you have too much clutter? Can’t get rid of it?

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