Real EstateSell Home Fast During Winter

Sell Home Fast During Winter

Agreed, winter isn’t the best time to sell, but with a little ingenuity you can sell your house fast in Milwaukee – and for a profit, too! In fact, some of the recent statistical studies indicate that the months between December and March could be advantages. An average of 66% of homes listed in February 2012 sold within 90 days. If you have to sell your house during the winter months, follow these tips to ensure a quick sale.

Keep the house warm:

Winter is the time to show prospective buyers that the house is perfect and cozy for the winters. Light the fireplace and fill the room with festive scents to get people feel warm and comfortable. Turn up the thermostat to a degree or two more than usual and then set it back again to normal so that it’s warm and comfortable enough for people to linger longer than usual.

Pay attention to the HVAC:

Winter buyers pay a lot of attention to heating and maintenance issues. Get the HVAC inspected to make necessary repairs. You could also get the system serviced to make sure that the air filters are clean and changed. Insulate the attic or install energy efficient windows if you can, to highlight low heating costs.

Brighten up the house:

Winter needn’t be gloomy. Brighten the curb appeal with inexpensive weather plants and by fixing cracked window seals. Winter is the best time to highlight that the house is well-lit. Paint the house with a light/off-white color palette to make the house look larger than usual. It also creates a sense of warmth

Clear the pathways:

Nothing upsets a potential buyer than an icy path. Shovel the path continuously so that guests can easily walk inside the house. You could even sprinkle a layer of sand on the sidewalk so that guests do not have to walk through snow drifts.

Call a cash home buyer:

Real estate investors like us offer to buy homes –any condition or season. We buy houses in Milwaukee as is, i.e., you do not have to worry about problems with the HVAC or spend money on improving curb appeal. And we don’t care about snowdrifts as well!

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