Real Estate3 Tips To Get Your House Summer Ready

Summer is just a few weeks away. Before you get ready for outdoor fun, remember to get your house summer ready – especially if you’re planning to sell it.

Dust the house:

Summer’s the time for cleaning! Remember to sweep the cobwebs and clean the debris from the eaves and walls. Prospective buyers wouldn’t want to step inside a house that’s full of dust, especially if they’re allergic or have asthma symptoms. Do not use feather dusters do dust because you’ll only end up spreading them. Use a damp rag or a microfiber cloth instead. Change the bedding regularly and shake out or beat large rugs outside the house.

Clean the walkway and the front door:

When you’re selling, first impressions make a lasting impression. Clean the sidewalk to wash away the grime and dirt collected over the winter months. If bricks or pavers are damaged, replace them with new ones. And if there are cracks on the walkway, fill them up with some cement. You don’t want your buyers to think you’re too shabby or lazy. After months of rough weather, it is likely that the door may need a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, the hinges on the door may have loosened – you may have to look into that as well.

Ensure that there’s proper airflow and enough light:

Who wouldn’t love a house with plenty of natural sunlight and air? Summer’s the time to open the windows and let fresh inside. Remember to turn the ceiling fan counter-clockwise to ensure that the air is pushed downward, as against the winter months when the blades are adjusted to turn clockwise. You may also have to replace the air con’s filter.
You can do all of these to prep your house for a summer sale, or call us! We buy houses in Milwaukee WI, as it is. You do not have to spend time and money on repairs or cleaning. Call us, and we’ll pay in cash!