Real Estate3 Situations Where We’ve Helped To Sell Home Fast

1In an ideal world, selling a house should be a breeze. Whatever the asking price- buyers would be happy to pay. As for realtors – you would not have to pay them such fat commissions. As incredible as it sounds, you and I know that no such world exists. You’ll have to spend a few hundred dollars just to get the house ready to be listed. It could take weeks or even months between listing and the actual sale. By then, the realtor would come up with a few suggestions – about hiring a professional stager or getting the house certified by a home inspector.

If you are looking for a quick sale and a stress-free process, we suggest you call us. Here are three situations where we’ve helped to sell a house fast:

You’re moving in to a nursing home:

Waiting lists for retirement communities and assisted living centers can be long. You can’t afford to turn down an opening, lest you get pushed to the bottom of the list and may have to start all over again. Contact us, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of hiring a realtor. You don’t have to worry about multiple visits from prospective buyers. And neither do you have to pay for repairs and renovations. We’ll sell the house in 2 weeks or less – leaving you with enough time to prepare for moving.

You desperately need to avoid a foreclosure:

Once a foreclosure notice is issued, you have little time to sell your house through the conventional process. We buy houses that are in danger of foreclosure. If you agree to the price, we’ll close as soon as possible and even take care of the closing costs. We’ll also manage the junk hauling and cleaning – you can leave the house as it is.

You want to sell but cannot (or do not want to ) spend on renovations:

You can spend a fortune on upgrades, but can’t be assured of a good sale price. Prospective buyers may not be as enthused as you are with the changes. In some situations, your house may desperately need repairs, but you can’t afford one. Or, the cost of renovating makes it impossible to sell for a profit. We will buy your house without having to spend thousands of dollars on renovations. You CAN leave the house AS IT IS!

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