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Why Do People Hoard And What Can You Do About It

Dealing with a vacant home can be an owner’s nightmare. Sometimes when owners do not have the time or resources to take care of the property, the house can suffer from a wide range of issues like damaged pipes and appliances, stolen copper wiring and molds. The larger the neglect, the longer will be the wait for buyers of such homes. More often than not, vacant houses lead to the three negative consequences mentioned below:

Financial Drain

The most obvious problem is the financial drain because the cash flow is affected due to no rental income. The stress forces the owner, to reshuffle expenditures and try to find ways to make mortgage payments, sometimes to the extent of cutting down basic utilities. As a long-term investor and homeowner, you must deal with vacant properties as early as possible.


Security risk is yet another major issue when it comes to empty properties. Some harmful elements of society are always on the prowl looking for unoccupied homes to make quick money. They’re quite skilled at targeting these homes for appliances, furniture or even pipes and wires. Vandalism and burglary can make an immense impact on your finances.

Desperate Measures

Holding onto a vacant property can get very frustrating especially if it has become more of a liability. The longer it stays unoccupied and unattended, the higher the chances of you making irrational decisions regarding its sale or rental. Many owners end up lowering their rental rate to an unreasonable figure or accept any tenant without regular checks. Some have even chosen to abandon their property altogether. A decision based on fear can lead to disastrous results. To avoid such circumstances, make sure that the property gets regularly maintained as much as possible. If spending time and money towards maintenance seems challenging to you, we can help! We buy houses for cash in Milwaukee. You can get in touch with us to receive a fair cash offer.