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    We Buy Houses in Mequon, WI: Why Sellers Should Choose Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer

    • Time to Close: Why should you have to wait for months to sell your home? Cash home buyers in Mequon, WI, can close in a week!
    • As-Is: Skip the repairs and renovations! We buy houses in Mequon, WI, even if they need some TLC.
    • Closing Costs: We’ll pay your closing costs for you so you can save thousands over working with a realtor.
    • Estate Problems: We buy probate houses for cash in Mequon, WI.
    • Control: You’re in control the whole time, and can even choose your own closing date.
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    I Need to Sell My House Fast in Mequon, WI – What Sets Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer Apart from Real Estate Agents?


    Points Selling to Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer Traditional Home Sale

    Selling process

    Average days to close the transaction A week or less 75 days
    Average number of showings 1 20-25
    Average commissions $0 5-6% of the price
    Average days to prep and stage home 0 10 days

    Transaction costs

    Who Pays Closing Costs? We’ll take care of them You pay around 2% of the sale price
    Estimated Real Estate Agent Fees $0 6% of the sale price
    Estimated Home Ownership and Overlap $0 1% of the sale price
    Repairs Required to Sell Home No Yes
    Inspection & Financing Contingency No Yes
    Timeline Closing in 1-2 weeks 2-3 months
    Repair No Yes
    Closing Date You set it The lender is in control
    Offer Timeline Immediate Contingent on a buyer making an offer
    Obligation Offer No obligation Offers may entail obligations

    I Have to Sell My House Fast in Mequon, WI, But It’s Just Sitting on the Market!

    • Condition: Homes that need repairs or renovations can take a long time to sell. We buy houses in Mequon, WI, even if they have damage.
    • Style: If your home isn’t the style in demand right now, it will sell slowly. As cash home buyers in Mequon, WI, we’ll buy it no matter what the style.
    • Area: If your home is not located in the most desirable areas of town, buyers will be slow to make an offer. We buy houses in Mequon, WI, in all neighborhoods.
    • Time of Year: If you put your home on the market at the wrong time of year, it will sell very slowly. As cash home buyers in Mequon, WI, we buy homes all year long.

    Things You Should Know about the Mequon Real Estate Market

    As the largest city in Ozaukee County, Mequon, WI has a population over 23,000. It is the third-largest city in the state by land area, and it enjoys miles of shoreline on Lake Michigan, which makes it a popular destination during the warmer months of the year. However, it also has a strong economy, with tech companies like Rockwell Automation and healthcare companies employing many area residents. With available homes, lots to do, and strong jobs growth, Mequon attracts families, couples, and single professionals from across the country and around the world.

    Facing a Challenging Situation? We Can Help!

    As cash home buyers in Mequon, WI, we work with sellers putting their homes on the market for any reason and in any condition. We understand the pressure you could be facing – that looming foreclosure or divorce decree is not easy to bear. We can help. We work with sellers across the area to buy their houses in Mequon, WI with cash. Whether your home has fire or smoke damage, is full of stuff, or you inherited a home that you don’t want and don’t need, we’ll buy it. If you’re facing any of the situations below, contact Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer today for your immediate cash offer.

    Any reason:

    • Health Issues
    • Bankruptcy
    • Major Repairs Needed
    • Inherited Properties
    • Upgrading
    • Foreclosure
    • Divorce
    • Downsizing
    • Relocation

    Any Condition:

    • Storm Damage
    • New Houses
    • Old, Outdated Houses
    • Unfinished Construction
    • Termite Damage
    • Major Repairs Needed
    • Problem Tenants
    • Fire Damage
    • Full of Stuff or Trash

    Any Challenge:

    • Financial Issues
    • Title Issues
    • Large Liens
    • Code Violations
    • Late on Mortgage Payment
    • Hoarder Home
    • Family Matters
    • Out of Area Property
    • Low Equity

    Cash Home Buyers in Mequon, WI, Can Solve Your “How Can I Sell My House Fast in Mequon, WI” issue

    At Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer, we want to make the process of selling your home as simple and painless as possible. Just let us know that you’re interested in selling and we’ll make you a no-obligation cash offer. If you agree, we’ll move forward. In most cases, we can close in just a few days! That’s not all you need to know, either. We’ll pay your closing costs to ease the financial burden on you. Plus, there’s never a commission to pay like there is with a real estate agent. Isn’t it time that you were able to access the cash locked up in your home’s value? We can help you tap it. Contact us today for your no-obligation cash offer.


    How Do We Work?

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    • Review Our Offer
    • Get Your Cash on the Promised Date


    1. How fast do homes sell in Mequon, WI?

    Homes are not selling very fast at all in Mequon, WI. The median number of days on the market at the moment is 75.

    2. What’s the best time to sell a home fast in Mequon, WI?

    The best time to sell a home in Mequon, WI, is in January. The worst time of year is February, so timing is critical.

    3. Are homes selling faster in Mequon this year than last year?

    Yes, but only slightly. Here is the information that I think should be helpful –

    • Annual sales rate: 4%
    • Median days on market: 75
    • Price range: $108,000 – $1,500,000

    4. Where do homes sell fast in the Mequon, WI area?

    Currently, the hottest spots in Mequon, WI, for home sales are The Pines and Knightsbridge Estates, although central and northern Mequon is also seeing high demand.

    5. What types of homes does Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer buy?

    We buy houses in Mequon, WI, no matter the type.

    6. How do I sell my house fast in the Mequon, WI area?

    If you want to sell your home fast, our process is simple, easy, and gets you cash within a week.

    7. What is the fastest way to sell a house that needs work?

    Homes that need work usually sell very slowly, or you need to make the repairs first. We buy your home even if it needs repairs.

    8. Why not go the “For Sale By Owner” route?

    The FSBO route promises to save you money, but you may actually spend as much as if you worked with a realtor. We save you all that cash.

    9. How can I sell my house fast in Mequon, WI, without a realtor?

    As cash home buyers in Mequon, WI, we’ll buy your home and you never need a realtor.

    10. What if I’m not in a hurry to sell?

    It’s not just about speed. It’s about hassle and stress. It’s about saving you money and putting you in control of the process.

    11. How do you determine the price for my house?

    We work with assessors to determine our offers.

    12. Do you pay a fair price for my house?

    Yes! We always make a fair offer and pay cash for houses in Mequon, WI.


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