Milwaukee Home Buyer
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Dear Nick Ruiz

I would like you to know what I have told everyone I spoke to about Wally selling his home. They were shocked & wondered why we never mentioned, we were thinking of selling .I told them we hadn’t planned on selling. Yeh, but on Saturday we went to Wilson Commons, fell in love with it & Wally called you Monday morning. When you answered and said you were in the neighborhood. You came over, spent a couple of hours, made a couple of phone calls, returned to check  the basement, and in four days the sale was complete.

My friends have never heard of anyone else ever having such success, many said their friend waited almost a year & more.

Wally asked many questions and each one was answered in the most efficient, intelligent & informing ways possible. Every problem Wally came up with was talked over & the best possible results for Wally were achieved.

We feel entirely blessed to have been able to deal with you Nick. We never dreamt any sale could be finalized this quickly& efficiently. I’m telling everyone to check with you & find out what information you can provide before calling anyone else.

We’re certainly glad that you were the first and only one we called. There is no possible way we feel we could have found anyone more proficient & wonderful to deal with.

God bless you