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Metro Milwaukee Home Buyer is a real estate investing company that pays cash for your property. We’ll offer a fair price and close in 2 weeks or less.


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    ‘The bank has threatened to liquidate my property. I need to sell my house fast in Menomonee Falls! Call us if you have been threatened with property liquidation. We’ll buy your house for cash and close in 2 weeks or less. We’ll arrange the paperwork, pay for closing costs and related expenses, and clear tax overdue as well.

    ‘I need to sell probate property but the process seems intimidating. Can I sell my house fast in Menomonee Falls? Selling probate property is a tedious and complex process. Probate lawyers help, but their expensive fees may leave you with little after the sale. We even buy properties that are still in the probate process. Sell your house fast in Menomonee Falls for cash and avoid realtor commission, escrow charge, and probate fees.

    ‘I’m moving to another city. Can I sell my house fast in Menomonee Falls?’ Got a new job in another city? Call us if you are relocating and need to sell your property quickly. We’ll buy your house in its current condition. It doesn’t matter if there’s a lot to clean or haul. Leave the house as it is and we’ll handle the whole thing.

    ‘I need to sell my house fast in Menomonee Falls. How soon can you sell? We’ll close in 2 weeks or less and make settlement on a date of your choosing. If you’re interested in selling your house in Menomonee Falls, call us. After just our first visit, we’ll make a fair, all-cash offer. We won’t bother you with repeat visits or backtrack on our offer. If you agree to the price, we’ll close in 14 days or less!