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    Does your house need repairs that you can’t afford? Home repairs are expensive and stressful. Did you know renovations are a major reason for divorce? You don’t really have to risk your money and wellbeing by spending more than you can afford on the house. Call us- in Glendale we buy houses for cash and promise to close the deal in 2 weeks or less.

    Did you inherited a house and are looking to sell it as quickly as possible? More often than not people inheriting a house end up inheriting unwanted problems as well. For one, the house may need repairs. Or, there could be multiple heirs to the property. Selling the house quickly and for cash is probably the only stress- free solution.

    In Glendale we buy houses without really getting into the details why you want to sell. You may have to sell it because it is a probate property, or if you are looking to avoid a foreclosure. We buy houses in Glendale that homeowners need to sell for various reasons- either because they cannot pay their mortgage or they’re planning to downsize.

    Is your house a hoarder’s paradise? There can be nothing stressful than selling a house that’s full of junk. By the time your house is reasonably ready to be listed, you would have spent thousands of dollars in cleaning and repair.

    In Glendale we buy houses that no real estate agent would dare to deal with. We buy houses in Glendale regardless of its condition. You don’t have to pay for a professional stager or worry about people moving in and out of your house every weekend. Call us, we’ll come over and quickly look at the house only once before making an offer. If you agree to the price, we’ll close the deal in 2 weeks.

    Looking to sell your house fast? In Glendale, we buy houses for cash