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If you don’t have the money to make repairs and renovations on your home, call us at 414-435-2888. We buy probate houses in Menomonee Falls, and surrounding cities, for cash.

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    ‘I’ve been tasked to sell a hoarder’s home, but I cannot afford to spend on cleaning and de-cluttering!’ We buy probate houses in Menomonee Falls regardless of its condition. You don’t have to pay for cleaning or junk hauling. Neither do you have to worry about repairs or renovations. We’ll buy the house as it is – with all the junk and garbage you cannot afford to dispose.

    ‘I have to sell my house fast but cannot afford to make the initial investment’. Even a new house needs some prep work before a sale. Doing it yourself, you’ll have to hire stagers to make the house appealing to prospective buyers. When we buy probate houses in Menomonee Falls, we take care of everything. We don’t care if the yard wasn’t mowed in months, or if the house desperately needs painting. We’re direct sellers – saving you realtor fees and other related expenses.

    ‘I’m planning to sell probate property. How long will it take?’ Selling probate properties is a complex process that can take a long time if you don’t know what you’re doing. Additionally, probate properties are often in need of repairs. When you work with us, we’ll take care of the paperwork and other formalities involved in the process.

    ‘I’m behind on mortgage payments and have no way of paying in the near future!’ Handing over your keys to the lender isn’t your only option. Call us – we’ll make an all-cash offer and close the deal in 2 weeks or less. We’ll manage the paperwork, pay for closing costs, take care of overdue payments, and handle all other formalities as well. We buy probate houses in Menomonee Falls that are nearing eviction because of overdue mortgage payments.

    Looking to sell because you cannot afford repairs? Call us – we buy probate homes in Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas…