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‘My house is full of junk and garbage! Help me sell it!’ Call us today. We buy probate houses in Mequon – no questions asked.

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    Have you been charged with selling a home filled with hoarded materials? Don’t waste time sifting through the junk and having it hauled away. That can cost thousands of dollars. When you work with us, we take care of removing the junk. Take what you want from the house and leave the rest. We’ll handle everything.

    ‘My house was in the probate process. It wasn’t maintained well and now looks rundown. How can I sell it?’ We buy probate houses in Mequon even if your house has plumbing issues, the yard is unmowed, or if the property is in need of serious renovations. We have experience working with all kinds of rundown properties.

    ‘I need to sell my house as a part of my divorce settlement, but I can’t afford the clean-up.’ We buy probate houses in Mequon and manage the process entirely. There’s no need to clean up as though you were going to show the house to a potential buyer. Sell it to us and we’ll do the rest.

    Why Should You Choose Us:

    • All-cash offer: We buy probate homes in Mequon in cash.
    • Client centric services: You don’t have to worry about unpleasant surprises, or repeat visits. You choose the settlement date, too.
    • Zero Commission: Don’t pay realtor commission or escrow charges.

    Looking to sell your home immediately? Call us – we buy probate homes in Mequon.